Camping on PEI

We all know people who enjoy spending a large part of their days involved in outdoor activities. But some of those people love spending their nights outdoors, as well. They prefer a tent to a hotel, a sleeping bag to a plush king-size bed. Are the rest of us missing something? Well, yes. We're missing the matchless feeling of falling asleep to the sounds of the sea. Or waking to the calls of seagulls and the first rays of sunrise. Camping brings out our pioneer spirit, gives us a taste of how it was in the days before laptops and cable television. It helps create a community of kindred spirits, and gives us back some time to be together, away from the clutter and stress of daily life. The camping experience is available everywhere on the Island, in a variety of settings. You'll find private campgrounds, provincial parks, cottages, cabins, and RV facilities. You can camp at the beach, in the woods, near shopping and restaurants, or away from it all. So whether you're looking to rough it under the stars or relax in comfort, you'll find the right accommodations at an affordable price. Enjoy the outdoors? There's a campsite on Prince Edward Island that you'd love to call home.


Prince Edward Island
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