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Confederation Trail Map

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The trail is nearly flat due to its origins as a railway line, and the finely crushed gravel surface makes it very easy to negotiate both on foot and by bicycle. As it passes through villages and towns, trekkers have a chance to stop, shop, have a snack and dine out. Watch for bright plum-coloured gates which mark the various entry points. In winter, the trail is turned over to snowmobilers, making an excellent tip-to-tip network that even connects to several motels for door-to-door adventure.

The trail offers unlimited opportunities for nature lovers, artists, historians, photographers, berry pickers, birders and anyone looking for a nice quiet place to spread a blanket for an afternoon picnic. There are about 20 common ferns on PEI as listed in our Fern Checklist. The trail crosses most types of fern habitat so you have a chance of seeing them all.