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Trail Signage

Helmets Mandatory

911 Emergency Location Signage

In an effort to increase public safety on the Confederation Trail, new 911 signage has been installed at key road/trail intersections across the province. Trail users will be able to use their personal cell phone in the event of an emergency to call 911 from one of these intersections and quote the civic address location as indicated by the white on blue, bilingual signs. A 911 Calltaker will confirm call back number and establish the nature of the emergency before placing callers in direct contact with an appropriate service provider. Callers are encouraged to remain at the road/trail intersection in order to meet and provide direction to emergency service providers upon their arrival.

Although tests have been conducted on cell phone reception at these emergency reporting signage points, reception can vary depending upon atmosphere conditions, type of phone, battery strength, etc.

Trail users are advised to take note of information provided by this special signage in the event a 911 call needs to be attempted along the trail.