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St. Peters Loop & Greenwich Day Trip: Route Directions

0.0 From St. Peters Visitor Information Center, ride on Confederation Trail toward the bay. Go through the trail gates to the stop sign and cross Route 2 carefully, continuing straight on the trail.
1.6 Soon you will reach a bluff overlooking the bay. The trail is lined with wild roses and other wildflowers, with fields of grain on the left, the water below on the right. There are three bridges along this section of trail, from each of which there are lovely views.
11.5 Turn right onto Red Head Harbour Road, the first paved road since St. Peters.
24.7 Arrive at Red Head Harbour.
13.1 Turn left onto a dirt road that parallels the shore.

You may, of course, want to poke around on the wharves, perhaps talk to the fishermen, before pedaling on.

15.2 Turn right at a stop sign and T intersection onto St. Peters Harbour Road, which is paved.
15.4 Bear left, staying on St. Peters Harbour Road. Cairn Road angles off to the right.
16.5 Continue straight, passing a No Exit sign, but notice a dirt road on the left called Lot 40 Road. After visiting St. Peters Lake Beach, our favorite in eastern PEI, you will come back to this point and turn right on the Lot 40 Road.
17.5 The paving ends, and signs say, "Private Development" and "Beach, Please Drive Slow." In fact the clay road is public and so is the beach, but there is indeed a private development just before the dunes.
18.3 The dirt road ends at the dunes.

Follow the footpath to the beach — and we hope you remembered a towel and bathing suit! When you're ready to leave the beach, backtrack to Lot 40 Road.

20.0 Turn right on Lot 40 Road.
20.7 Rough paving begins.
21.8 Turn right at a stop sign onto St. Peters Road.

This is Route 2, usually with lots of traffic, but there are safe, paved shoulders.

22.8 Turn right onto Route 350 following the sign to Crowbush Cove.
24.2 Turn right to stay on Route 350; Lakeside Road is to the left.
25.7 Turn right on Lakeside Beach Road. There is a No Exit sign, and you can see the water ahead.
26.9 The road ends at a boardwalk over the dunes to Lakeside Beach. After another swim, backtrack 1.2 kilometers to Route 350.
28.1 Turn right at a T onto Route 350, following the sign to French Village.
28.4 Pass the entrance to the Rodd Crowbush Resort, and in another half-kilometer, the entrance to the Links at Crowbush Cove.
29.2 Continue straight as road turns to clay. (McAdam Road, which is paved, goes left.) In about two kilometers, ride along the shore of Savage Harbour.
32.6 Turn left on McEwan Creek Road, Route 352, which is paved.
33.3 Continue straight, crossing Route 2 with caution.

(You could turn left here if you are in a hurry. It is safe enough to ride all the way back to St. Peters on Route 2 because there is a paved shoulder most of the way. However, we suggest using Confederation Trail for part of the return ride.)

34.2 Watch for a sign saying Cherry Hill. You will turn in about 400 meters.
34.6 Turn sharply left onto Confederation Trail.

This section of the trail passes first through rough bush, then through more attractive groves of poplar, white birch, and maple. Farther along, there is a wet area with cattails and other marsh plants, and then a stand of unusually tall spruce. There are profuse wild roses along the trail, and many other flowers. Occasionally the trail passes cultivated fields or rough pastures. There are such distinct changes from one ecosystem to another that it is rather like riding through a botanical garden and arboretum. Stay on the trail for 9.2 kilometers.

43.8 The Morell Station Welcome Center is on the right, just before Confederation Trail crosses Route 2.

From here, you can continue to St. Peters on Confederation Trail, backtracking the beautiful section on which you began this ride. To do so, cross Route 2 carefully onto Red Head Harbour Road, and turn right onto the trail in about 100 meters.

Our directions suggest that you turn right onto Route 2, which goes directly back to St. Peters. There are some services and lodging along the road that you may want to consider.

43.9 Turn right onto Route 2 and pass Red Head Road.

On Route 2, there are some climbs, long but not too steep, and downhills as well; approaching St. Peters, there are sweeping views over the harbor.

54.2 Reach the Visitor Information Center, where the ride began.
Ride to the Greenwich Section of PEI National Park
0.0 Turn right as you leave the Visitor Information Center.

You will cross a bridge over the head of St. Peter's Bay.

0.3 Bear left, following signs for Route 16, Route 313.

Route 2 goes off to the right.

0.4 Bear right after a park with a gazebo on the waterfront.

Immediately climb the only real hill of the ride.

0.7 Turn left onto Route 313, following the sign to Greenwich.

In a few hundred meters, St. Peters Church is on the right, and one kilometer farther, the Inn at St. Peters is on the left.

Route 313 is a smooth, gently rolling road with views of St. Peters Bay most of the way to the National Park.

8.9 Enter the National Park. The modern interpretive center is just ahead; the beach is 1.2 kilometers down a lane to the right. After your visit, backtrack to St. Peters.