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Criteria - Authentic PEI Experiences

General Definitions or descriptors of Experiential Tourism:

  • Experiential Tourism is fueled by a global movement by travelers toward experiential learning, and a move to an "experience economy".
  • Experiential Tourism products are once in a lifetime experiences whereby people create memories through direct hands on experience.
  • Experiential tourism engages visitors in memorable authentic cultural experiences that are personal, engage the senses, and make connections on an emotional, spiritual, or intellectual level.

Criteria for Recognition / Listing as a "Authentic PEI Experiences" Experiential Tourism Product

  • HANDS -ON Activities

    Descriptor - a desired outcome is to achieve a complete participatory experience that provides new knowledge and authentic experiences.

    Example - "Bunny Wool Art" - A hands on experience with live bunnies. Comb them, then spin their wool and create a bunny wool craft.

  • Involves Local Authentic COMMUNITY EXPERTS

    Descriptor - "Authentic Islanders" will enjoy sharing their expertise and the visitor will feel truly welcomed into a special place because they are experiencing art, nature, and our Island Culture. Additionally environmentally conscious travelers want local people who live in harmony with their environment.

    Example - "Jigs & Reels" - Join Captain and multi-instrumentalist J.J. Chaisson - The Fiddling Fisherman onboard his boat Chaisson A Dream. This will certainly be the highlight of your stay on Prince Edward Island. Introducing this brand new, unlike-any-other, personal and intimate PEI Experience. You will sail out of Souris Harbour, drop anchor along PEI's beautiful red cliff coastline and relax in a picture perfect setting for a gathering of music, dance, and hands-on knowledge of traditional music and the fishing industry of PEI. It is unique to have a hands-on experience with a world-class musician on his lobster fishing boat surrounded by the sea, red cliffs, great music, dancing, yummy eats, and some of the best people you'll ever meet. Get to know PEI music and fishing culture and see why this is more than something we love, it's who we are!

  • Use all FIVE SENSES

    Descriptor - Engaging all five senses during the experience will enhance and ingrain the experience for the visitor as they will remember these experiences as unique and identifiable with the Island Experience.

    Example - "Top Notch Charters - Lobster Excursions"
    Smell - the salt-water air
    Sight - crisp blue water and red cliffs
    Touch - the feel of pulling a live lobster right out of the trap
    Sound - the sound of the seagulls circling the boat looking for lobsters
    Taste - taste of fresh lobsters eaten on the fishing boat


    Descriptor - Draws people in to the local nature, culture, history and cuisine, that is unique to PEI providing the visitor with the opportunity to experience something only "The Island" provides.

    Example - "Spuds, Fudge & Tales Farm Tours" - Visit a local potato farm and talk to a farmer about the industry. Enjoy a visit at the Canadian Potato Museum, make your own potato fudge and enjoy a potato-based lunch.

  • Provides a PERSONAL, UNIQUE AND INTIMATE experience for each visitor

    Descriptor - provides diverse experiences that match the visitors interests and provide a sense of personal accomplishment, thereby creating their own unique memories.

    Example - "Joy of Watercolour; - Begin or renew your fascination with painting. Register with an experienced artist and teacher for: The "Joy of Watercolour - Landscapes and Flowers". Julia incorporates interactive demos with hands-on painting and instruction,helping you find your inner artist. Paint together in a dramatic garden setting. All materials are included. Also showing original watercolours and oil paintings, inspired by the beauty of our Island.

* "Workshops" and "Presentations", one way information transfers are not eligible. Packages listed as "Authentic PEI Experiences" must meet all of the criteria listed:


For more information please contact Melody Gay at (902)368-6339