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Biathlon Bears Program Registration Info

biatholon practice on PEI

November 2013
To: All Biathlon Bears participants
Start Dates:
The Bears program for all years will start this season on Saturday December 21, 2013 at 1000 hours at the Brookvale Nordic site. This will be a registration date and a fun activity for first year Bears and a range refresher practice for returning Bears participants. Special Christmas treats will be given out and there will be prizes for top shooters.
Regular session Start-up:
Regular sessions will commence on Sunday January 5, 2014 at 1200 hours.
Sessions this year will run both Wednesday evenings from 1730-1900 and Sundays from 1200-1330 for all levels of the Bears program.
Registration &Costs:
The cost this year will be $90,which includes a free season trail pass for unlimited skiing at Brookvale Nordic site.
If you have a Brookvale Nordic seasons trail pass for your child please bring it at registration time and we will reimburse a portion of your fees (the amount that we pay Brookvale for trail passes for each Bears participant).
Registration and payment is done online and we will have on line access to the membership link on the registration day. If you prefer to do this in advance directions are below.

Actual registration is done on line using the Biathlon Canada membership system at
1. Click on the Membership button
2. Select individual membership
3. Fill in athlete information
4. Select recreational athlete category
5. Select Biathlon Bears under Provincial fee adjustments
6. Continue completion and pay using credit card

Ski rentals are again available at the Brookvale site at a low cost and this includes many sets of skate skis that are available on a daily rental basis.
For second and third year bears participants, Biathlon PEI has purchased a limited number of sets of high quality Salomon skate skiing equipment and these are available on a first come first served basis for second and third year participants only. There will be charge of $50 for the season for use of each set of equipment and half of this will be returned to you less any damages beyond normal wear. In addition 2nd and third year participants will be able to use Air arms compressed air magazine fed rifles, a professional biathlon air rifle.
We have a number of qualified and dedicated coaches returning including Megan Harris, Bob Bentley, Paul Ellis and we are always interested in having parents or family members volunteer in some capacity to help out.
Coach training:
Any person interested in becoming a coach for the Bears program may be eligible to take an entry level-coaching course scheduled this year. We also plan to offer Nordic ski clinics to coaches to enhance their ability to teach our young people.
Registration: Saturday December 21, 2013
Official session start-up: Sunday Jan 5, 2014 at 12:00 noon
Sessions every Wednesday evening at 1730-1900 hours and Sundays from 1200-1330
Last training session: Sunday March 9, 2014
Bears Fun Day: Sunday February 9, 2014(date subject to change); we also plan to attend a Bears Fun Day in Souris or New Brunswick this year date TBD.

Storm conditions:
Providing Brookvale Nordic site is open we will normally proceed with lessons. Check the Nordic site desk if in doubt. Telephone 658-7866.
For additional information please contact Bob Bentley 964-3294 Dylan Liebe      at or email