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L. M. Montgomery clubs and research

L.M. Montgomery Clubs

Anne of Green Gables Society

Telephone: 1-800-665-2663
Contact: Anne of Green Gables Society
Avonlea, P.O. Box 491
Kensington, PEI
C0B 1M0


The Anne of Green Gables Society celebrates the spirit of Anne, Prince Edward Island, and the writings, books and life of L.M. Montgomery. Members receive many discounts and benfits that all start with a special membership card. You can join online. This card entitles one to:

  • a subscription to Kindred Spirits magazine
  • Anne of Green Gables and L.M. Montgomery product discounts
  • the opportunity of having your writing published in Kindred Spirits magazine
  • involvement in a Pen Pal exchange that lets you hear from and write letters to other kindred spirits
  • an invitation to the annual Kindred Spirits Days
  • a discount at the four L.M. Montgomery sites on Prince Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables Museum, L.M. Montgomery Birthplace, Cavendish Homstead and Green Gables House)
  • a special photograph of Green Gables House when you visit
  • a tour on Matthew's Wagon Ride at Silver Bush for the family
  • a 10% discount at Shining Waters Craft Shop
  • the knowledge that your membership will help preserve an archive of interviews, letters, photographs, and artifacts that chronicle the life, times and work of L.M. Montgomery.

Japan-Prince Edward Island Society

Telephone/Facsimile: 045-430-3155
Contact: Akira Hotai
c/o Yokohama Myourenji Post Office
12-11, Kikuna 1 cho-me,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Japan 2220011


We are a non-profit travel information organization officially recognized by the Canadian embassy in Japan. We aim to let Japanese people know about PEI more than "The Island of Anne of Green Gables." Our activities include:

  • Publishing a pamphlet "The Magic of Island" (PEI information for the Japanese)
  • Publishing a booklet "Seeking for the fairy of the Island" (Another PEI information booklet for Japanese travelers to PEI, introducing recommended accommodations, restaurants, and so on.)
  • Planning and advising for PEI tourists.
  • Writing about PEI, about Anne of Green Gables, about Lucy Maud Montgomery for Japanese magazines

Each of us loves PEI, and would like to contribute to PEI.

L.M. Montgomery Magazines

Kindred Spirits of P.E.I

Kindred Spirits
Avonlea, Prince Edward Island
Canada C0B 1M0
Toll-free: (800) 665-2663 (North America)
Telephone: (902) 436-7329 (Worldwide)
Facsimile: (902) 436-1787 (FAX)
Website :

Kindred Spirits publishes a magazine quarterly (Spring,Summer, Fall, Winter). They also have a catalog with just about anything you could possibly want pertaining to "Anne" and Lucy Maud Montgomery's work. You can subscribe online.

Research on L.M. Montgomery's Work

The L.M. Montgomery Institute

Contributed by Anna MacDonald The L.M. Montgomery Institute was launched at the University of Prince Edward Island in April of 1993. This Institute has long been a dream of those who study Montgomery's life and works. In establishing this Institute, we wish to pay tribute to Montgomery's achievement and to provide a centre for the dynamic research that is focussed on her works, career and life.

The Institute has two sections: Research and an English Summer Language program. (I am coordinator of the research section, and Dr. Clare Fawcett, of St. Francis Xavier University, looks after the ESL program.)

Last summer we held our first two major events. The first one, an international symposium entitled L.M. Montgomery and Her Works, drew people from Scotland, Japan, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, and all over the United States and Canada. It was very successful! I knew that Montgomery is famous around the world but I still felt a thrill of excitement and surprise when I received messages, faxes, letters, etc. from places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Finland.

Our first English Summer Language program was also very successful. Sixteen students from Japan spent a month here, improving their English skills by attending classes and some of the many events and activities that take place here in summer. We are looking forward to a larger class next year.

We are now planning our 1995 ESL program and an international conference that will take place here in 1996. This conference is entitled L.M. Montgomery and Canadian Culture.

The Institute is governed by a committee, chaired by Montgomery scholar Dr. Elizabeth Epperly. (She will assume the presidency of the university this summer.) I could say much more about the Institute, but this post is long enough. Inquiries about Montgomery, the Institute and its programs are welcome. You may contact the Institute at:

University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Canada C1A 4P3
Telephone: (902) 628-4346
Facsimile: (902) 566-0420

Kindred Spirits Society

Research and Archives Department
Avonlea, Prince Edward Island
Canada C0B 1M0
Toll-free: (800) 665-2663
Telephone: (902) 436-7329
Facsimile: (902) 436-1787

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