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Lighthouse Lover's Tour

If you are a "Lighthouse Lover," you’ve come to the right place. Lighthouses of many shapes and sizes dot the coastline of Prince Edward Island.

You can enjoy some of the most panoramic views on our beautiful Island by visiting our lighthouses. Touring the lighthouse sites, and maybe even a climb to the top promises views of some of the Island’s most scenic vistas.




Here is a sample of geocaches hidden near this tour location. Visit for coordinates of the caches listed here.

Cache Location Cache Nickname
Victoria Range Light GCYKZ2 Pause in Victoria
Wood Islands Lighthouse GCJGXB Wood Islands Lighthouse
Point Prim Lighthouse GCJBHX Point Prim Lighthouse
Panmure Head Lighthouse GCJ7PW Panmure Head Lighthouse
Cape Bear Lighthouse GCJDCE Cape Bear Lighthouse