Exchange Table for Singapore Dollars

THE TABLE BELOW GIVES YOU today's rate for buying and selling Canadian Dollars for Singapore Dollars using the latest exchange rate. Your actual exchange rate, of course, will depend on the rate on the date and place of your actual currency exchange.
Home Currency:
Buying Canadian Dollars

Singapore Dollars

Canadian Dollars
Conversion Rate: 0.7452
S$10 $7.45
S$20 $14.90
S$30 $22.36
S$40 $29.81
S$50 $37.26
S$60 $44.71
S$70 $52.16
S$80 $59.62
S$90 $67.07
S$100 $74.52

Selling Canadian Dollars

Canadian Dollars

Singapore Dollars
Conversion Rate: 0.8022
$10.00 S$12.47
$20.00 S$24.93
$30.00 S$37.40
$40.00 S$49.86
$50.00 S$62.33
$60.00 S$74.79
$70.00 S$87.26
$80.00 S$99.73
$90.00 S$112.19
$100.00 S$124.66

Rates from TD Bank.