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Fresh Air Adventure


At night pitch your tent or park your RV in one of our 10 provincial campgrounds, in the Prince Edward Island National Park on the North Shore, or in private campgrounds across PEI.

On the Trail

Prince Edward Island is the first province to complete its section of the TransCanada Trail. The Confederation Trail was developed on railway lines abandoned more than a decade ago. The trail is surfaced with finely crushed rock dust and is quite smooth and almost flat, making it easily negotiated on foot or by bicycle. The full, tip-to-tip, Tignish to Elmira distance is 274 kilometres. The trail passes along the sea shore, by farm pastures and woodlots, and through many small communities as it links the opposite ends of the Island.

The Confederation Trail is a true all-season attraction as it is turned over to snowmobilers in winter. Watch for special events like the Legacy Bike Tour and TrailFest in the fall. Bright plum-coloured gates mark the various entry points, and there are several interesting branch trails that lead to places like Souris, Montague or Borden-Carleton. Request a Confederation Trail map from our toll-free information centre. An excursion on our Confederation Trail is a must-do for your vacation, whether you walk a small section in one of our cities, or cycle the whole tip-to-tip distance.

Deep-sea Fishing

A wonderful outing for the whole family. You will gain a whole new appreciation for fresh seafood after you take part in a deep-sea fishing excursion, cast your line into the deep blue waters off the coast of Prince Edward Island and catch your own fish.

Sport Fishing

Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, or go for the big one, Giant Bluefin Tuna! One of PEI's best fishing areas may be found at the Morell River located in Points East Coastal Drive. The Trout River in western PEI is a perfect destination for fishing as well as hiking. Drop into a Visitor Information Centre for a map of PEI's fishing holes.

Dig your Meal

Many of PEI's shores are blessed with natural stocks of clams. Whether your preference is soft-shell clams, quahaugs or bar clams there may be a "fishy" opportunity for you.

While there is no requirement for a recreational licence to fish clams, there are season, size and possession limits, and some areas are closed to shellfish harvest. Soft-shell clams and quahaugs must be at least 50 mm (approx 2") in length and bar clams must be at least 102 mm (approx 4") in length for harvest. A recreational fisher cannot have more than 300 clams in their possession, of which not more than 100 are bar clams and 100 are quahaugs. Specific questions on resource issues should be directed to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans at (902) 566-7812.

Remember that you share the resource with a vibrant commercial fishery and conservation is important.

Out of the Sea and Over the Coals

The Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Developmentperforms seafood cooking demonstrations at locations all over PEI during the summer months. This tourist-friendly program known as Out of the Sea and Over the Coals is publicized on the radio and through the Visitor Information Centres.

We're Shellfish Farmers Too

PEI also supports an aquaculture industry that grows shellfish on private leases. PEI Island Blue mussels and Malpeque oysters have a world-wide reputation for quality and are exported all over the world. Shellfish leases are marked with large white or yellow buoys and the shellfish on these sites are the property of the owner.

If the tides are playing tricks on you or if you can not find your way to the shore, fishing for fresh seafood at one of PEI's many Seafood Retail Outlets is perfectly acceptable. Ask for the directory at your local Visitor Information Centre.

Paddle to the Sea

Sea kayaking tours will give you a whole new perspective on the Island. Head out for the afternoon, or take a three-day tour.

Rent a windsurfer or sea-doo for some exciting times skimming the waves. Or try parasailing or snorkelling! A sailing excursion would be a fine way to tour the Island. Many of our ports also offer excellent services to boating visitors.