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PEI Geocaching

Did you know that there are more than 7,000 Geocache sites in Prince Edward Island?

So what exactly is Geocaching?

Some might call it a modern day version of hide and seek. It’s probably best defined as an entertaining adventure game for Global Positioning Device (GPS) users. Caches are set up all over the world and their locations (coordinates) are posted on the Internet and then GPS users get to hunt for the cache. Caches are typically water-proof containers which can range in size from a film canister to a bucket and often contain a log book and several trinkets from Geocachers who have been there before them. Help yourself to one of the trinkets but be sure and leave one of your own!

And just how did this all get started? Well, it originated in Beaver Creek, Oregon, in 2000 with a small community of avid GPS users. It began with the idea of testing the accuracy of GPS coordinate units. The rules were simple - hide a container someplace, note its coordinates with a GPS unit, post these on the internet, and then challenge other GPS users to find the container.

Geocaching Along The Confederation Trail

The 1,600 Confederation Trail geocaches placed along the 400 kilometers of the Trail comprise the longest and largest geocache 'Power Trail' in the world. There are an additional 200 'other' caches that were in place before the power trail was established making the total of 1,800 caches on the Confederation Trail. As of January 2015, there are over 7,748 geocaches on P.E.I.

For more information on Geocaching, please visit Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site.