Looking for a great way to spend the day (or maybe a few days)?

There are countless ways to explore Prince Edward Island. Here are just a few. We’ve broken them down by theme, and created a day-by-day menu of outings. You can follow them exactly or mix and match to create your own!.

Follow a family on their Inspiring Journey

I had been away on business far too much last year, and promised Julie and the kids a proper family vacation this summer. We’d heard a lot about the charming Maritimes of Canada, and decided to try our luck on Prince Edward Island. In comparison to summer back home, the space we had to explore was mind-blowing. Massive beaches and rolling hills, welcoming villages and cozy cottages — PEI was just what we needed to unwind and reconnect. The kids loved digging up sea critters in the bay, and Julie and I enjoyed watching them. We also enjoyed when they went to bed and we went down to the wine bar — but they don’t need to know that.