In a kayak built for two

If adventure, education, getting close to nature and unforgettable scenery are in your vacation plans, then you don't want to pass up the opportunity to take a sea or river kayaking tour on Prince Edward Island.

Kayaking offers participants a whole new perspective of the Island. Safe and comfortable in the cockpits of one- and two-seater kayaks, they are given a unique view of the regal red cliffs, beautiful sand dunes and pastoral landscapes that can only be found in Canada's smallest province. They also have the opportunity to travel with seals and porpoises, marvel over the spectacle of crystal clear shallows that are alive with activity, witness the grace of bald eagles and osprey, or be deafened by the chatter of a colony of cormorants.

Whether a first-timer or a seasoned veteran of the kayak, we can guarantee there is plenty of fun in store for anyone who ventures into the coastal waters off Prince Edward Island in one of these seaworthy crafts. The trips are an eye-opener for nature lovers, a spectacle for photographers and artists and a pleasure for all who take part.

Read Bob Gillette's story, author of Paddling in Prince Edward Island.

Kayak Safety Tips

Safety must be highly considered before beginning your outing. The following are some specific points:

  • Abide by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans boating regulations
  • On open areas, never paddle alone, two boats can help each other
  • Check the tides and predicted wind and weather conditions provided by the local news media
  • Before setting out let someone know of your planned route