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Jacques Cartier Provincial Park

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The island's first European visitor came ashore in 1534 in the vicinity of this provincial park which bears his name, Jacques Cartier. He remarked that this was “the fairest land 'tis possible to see!” The park holds a celebration of this great discovery every July on Rediscovery Day. Jacques Cartier Provincial Park offers a wide range of activities for all ages. There is supervised swimming at the beautiful beach on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Nearby attractions include the Alberton Museum & Genealogy Centre, Tignish and North Cape.

Jacques Cartier Provincial Park is located within the North Cape Coastal Drive touring region.

Jacques Cartier
Lifeguard off Duty
Date: Aug 26
Air Temperature: 22°C
Water Temperature: 17°C
High Tide: 15:40
Low Tide: 11:52

*When surf conditions are under CAUTION alert. Swimmers are advised to use extra caution when entering the water
*When surf conditions are under DANGER alert. Swimmers are advised not to enter the water
*The posted conditions are for reference only. Swimmers are advised to check with lifeguards (if available) and to use their own judgement in, on or around open water.