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Canadian Roadflix

In the summer of 2008, Canadian Roadflix spent 10 magnificent days on Prince Edward Island doing everything from oyster fishing to painting to building sand castles. From camping to bed and breakfasts to high-end hotels they sampled the island's accommodations and, as they seem to do all to frequently, ate way too much. Here is a small sampling of the videos the recorded during their road trip.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Oysters
Thanks to a program put together by the people at Experience PEI we had an unparalleled opportunity to fish for oysters along side of men who's families had earned their living “tonging” shellfish for generations. Later, back on shore – following a lesson in grading, cleaning and shucking oysters - we ate our catch.

The Inn at Bay Fortune - A Testament to Excellence
When David Wilmer first saw what would become the Inn at Bay Fortune it was a tumble-down wreck. That's certainly not the case today. He and his team of hotel pros have not only halted the decay of the Prince Edward Island summer home of Elmer Harris but turned it into a stellar destination.

Canada's Best Ice Cream?
By the time we hit Charlottetown we'd pretty much eaten our way across Prince Edward Island so you'd think we would pass on Ice Cream for lunch......not a chance! Premium ice cream and puns on T-shirts proved to be an irresistible combination! 

Wearable Dirt - Now That's a Souvenir!
Call me old-fashioned, but when I buy a souvenir – which, admittedly I rarely do, I want to spend my money on something made in the place I'm visiting. So when we stumbled upon P.E.I. Dirt Shirts we thought we had died and gone to souvenir heaven.

Owners For An Evening - Our Night at the Races on Prince Edward Island
If someone suggested a night at the races you'd forgiven for thinking their idea of entertainment was a bit out of step with the 21st century. But you'd be wrong! Join us as we discover what it feels like to be treated like the owner of a racehorse on Prince Edward Island.