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County Line Road - Green Gables Shore

Location: Darnley

Open farmland and mixed woodland lead the way over rolling landscape to a very high "magnetic" hill, the summit of which provides a spectacular view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the north and rolling hills to the south. Erosion and yearly scraping have literally carved this road several feet into the landscape. Rumrunners, en route to Kensington, transported their "cargo" along this secluded trail risking the sharp incline of the hill. It is reported to be so steep at the base that a wagon driver with a full load of grain could touch the ears of his horses while sitting in his seat! The rugged hill provides a challenge to the traveller as well as wonderful vistas for sightseeing, while the woodland invites exploration on foot. Location: In the Darnley-Seaview area, this road runs south for 4.5 km from Rte. 103 to Rte. 101 near Irishtown, along the border of Prince and Queens Counties. Note: this road begins and ends on short paved sections.

" Cycling Scenic Heritage Roads "

Discover 16 scenic Heritage roads that were carved from red clay and hardwood forests well before the first bicycle was invented. These clay roads meander through farmland and woodland and provide an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its best. Steep hills and wet areas are common, these roads should be avoided in the spring when snow and ice are still melting and mud is a problem. Keep in mind that many of these routes are still used by farmers with large machinery and caution is advised.