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MacArthur Road

Location: Elmwood

Retaining the rustic charm of a century or more ago, the MacArthur Road twists and turns uphill and down through beautiful stands of hardwood and softwood and agricultural fields. Sunlight filters through a protective umbrage of maples, birch, pine and spruce. Old apple orchards, the remnants of abandoned farmsteads, add their blooms in spring. An assortment of wildlife, especially perching birds, find this type of habitat irresistible. This road has received protection through designation as a scenic heritage road. Prosperous farmland once surrounded the road and, in the mid- to late-1800s, a sawmill and furniture factory were located here. Now officially known as Peter's Road, it has become known locally as the MacArthur Road after families of that name who settled here. Near the turn of the century, diphtheria swept through this small community. A pioneer cemetery known as the MacArthur Cemetery, on the west side near the top of the hill, bears sad witness to the fate of families stricken by this dreaded disease. A sense of history, both human and natural, prevails on this pleasant country lane. Location: Near Strathgartney Provincial Park this section of Rte. 244 begins 700 metres north of the Trans Canada Highway and extends to Elmwood for a distance of approximately 2 km.

" Cycling Scenic Heritage Roads "

Discover 16 scenic Heritage roads that were carved from red clay and hardwood forests well before the first bicycle was invented. These clay roads meander through farmland and woodland and provide an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its best. Steep hills and wet areas are common, these roads should be avoided in the spring when snow and ice are still melting and mud is a problem. Keep in mind that many of these routes are still used by farmers with large machinery and caution is advised.