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Mellish Road

Location: New Perth. Just east of New Perth, this road runs south from Rte. 3 for 3 km to meet the Mellish Road. The designated portion runs from the north end from Rte. 3 to the mill stream which is at the mid point of the road.

Cattle grazing on sloping hillsides, a farmer ploughing his fields, rural scenes such as these enliven a drive down this country lane. As one enters from the northern end, one looks upon open fields and then a hedgerow bordering the road to an old mill pond where mixed woodland creates a light canopy overhead. Wildflowers, including daisies, dandelions and Queen Anne's lace, grow along the roadside. In the late 1800s this road served as the route to Perth Mills. A MacDonald family owned the land on the northern section of the road. The enterprise became known as MacDonald's Mills and the road as the MacDonald Mill Road. Other variations of the name include "Mill Road", "Fish Pond Road" and the "Dam Road". Today the road provides farmers with access to fields and sports enthusiasts with winter pursuits such as skiing and snowmobiling. This road has been designated as a scenic heritage road.

" Cycling Scenic Heritage Roads "

Discover 16 scenic Heritage roads that were carved from red clay and hardwood forests well before the first bicycle was invented. These clay roads meander through farmland and woodland and provide an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its best. Steep hills and wet areas are common, these roads should be avoided in the spring when snow and ice are still melting and mud is a problem. Keep in mind that many of these routes are still used by farmers with large machinery and caution is advised.