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Princetown - Warburton Road

Location: Fredericton

An air of seclusion and wilderness prevails on this steeply hilled and winding road which has been designated as a scenic heritage road. The high hills provide a panoramic view of the surrounding farmland. The road wanders through a border of woodlands, hedgerows and pastoral landscape. The Warburton Road dates to 1898, while the Princetown Road, circa 1771, is one of the most famous early roads. Once the main artery connecting Charlottetown to Princetown, the original capital of Prince County, its use has decreased over the years. (Hikers, watch for the section east of the intersection of the two roads.) A fascination and familiarity with hills and hollows has often prompted locals to give them names. Interesting examples here include Inch Hill, Mile Hill, Burnt Hill and Marianne's Hollow. Location: Sections of the Princetown and Warburton Roads form a "Y" shape covering 7.8 km. From Rte. 239 near Millvale the Warburton Road travels south to Fredericton Station. The adjoining section of the Princetown Road runs west from the Warburton Road toward South Granville.

" Cycling Scenic Heritage Roads "

Discover 16 scenic Heritage roads that were carved from red clay and hardwood forests well before the first bicycle was invented. These clay roads meander through farmland and woodland and provide an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its best. Steep hills and wet areas are common, these roads should be avoided in the spring when snow and ice are still melting and mud is a problem. Keep in mind that many of these routes are still used by farmers with large machinery and caution is advised.