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Taste our Island - 2010 - The Pearl

So near, so delicious!

The Pearl Restaurant, PEI
With the largest number of nominations yet,
competition for the 2010 award highlighted the
best PEI has to offer. Maxine Delaney and
chef Lanny MacLeod of The Pearl are this year’s

The annual PEI ADAPT Council’s “Taste Our Island” Award is presented to a restaurant that has achieved a level of excellence, while using and promoting local products. In just four years, The Pearl in North Rustico has been a finalist three times, taking home the award for 2010. Infused with the creative spirit of owner Maxine Delaney and the culinary mastery of chef Lanny MacLeod, The Pearl welcomes guests to its rusticelegant, art-filled dining room, and nourishes them with unforgettable food and drink. The building itself has been completely renovated with paintings, sculpture, fixtures, and furnishings from all over PEI. That’s appropriate, because the menu is also constructed almost entirely from the Island’s delicious bounty. And although that menu may change from time to time, based on seasonal availability and Maxine’s inspiration, what remains consistent is freshness, unique flavours, and a passion for exceeding expectations. So while you’re at The Pearl and eagerly awaiting your Raspberry Point Oysters or Basil Marinated Heirloom Tomato Steak, take a peek through the window and you may just spot the chef outside. He isn’t out there to enjoy the spectacular view. He’s handpicking herbs and edible flowers from the backyard garden -- and making sure your meal is truly a taste of the Island.


2009: With more than a hundred nominations representing eighteen different Prince Edward Island restaurants, the competition for the 2009 award was tougher than ever. See more on peiadapt.com. Chef Stephen Hunter is this year’s proud recipient. His restaurant at Victoria Village Inn is open 5 pm -10 pm daily from early June through September, on weekends, and for special events year-round. Stephen is also available for in-home catering and culinary tours. Visit victoriavillageinn.com for a sample menu and more information.

2008: Chef Shirleen Peardon has been cooking for more than 20 years, but she has certainly not forgotten her rural Island roots. Shirleen is head chef at Merchantman Pub, the 2008 winner of PEI ADAPT Council’s “Taste Our Island” Award. The recognition is likely due in no small part to her close connections with the farm community.

PEI Taste our island award
Taste our Island Award

In 2007 the PEI ADAPT Council created an award to honor chefs and restaurants who purchase and promote PEI agriculture. By supporting farms from this locality these innovative chefs and restauranteurs are supporting sustainable and regional food systems.

This award is about agriculture. The products grown here on PEI are the best products for our market. When our PEI restaurants purchase products from Island farmers they are buying the freshest, tastiest, and greenest products in the world. This award is about industry. Our restaurants use creativity and imagination to produce amazing culinary creations. We have the renowned Culinary Institute of Canada right here on our doorstep. They produce a great crop of culinary experts every year, many of whom decide to stay on our beautiful Island.

This award is about tourism. The beauty of PEI draws many tourists every year. Tourists challenge us. They are, adventurous, demanding, and hungry. When PEI restaurants offer tourists our rich resource of raw ingredients they are creating a culinary experience unique to PEI. And finally, this award is about Islanders. As we watch our rural communities falter in the face of mounting global competition the best thing we can do is support the producers and the industries that choose to live here and set up businesses. By supporting each other we strengthen our Island, our people, and our culture.
By awarding this title annually we honor those who take the time to support each other.