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Tourism PEI
Blaire Guptill petting a llama

Blaire Guptill

Tourism PEI Vacation Planner

Were you born and raised here in PEI?

I was born and raised in my family home of Summerside, Prince Edward Island. 

What does your average day look like?

On days when I’m not helping visitors experience the many things to do on PEI, I am usually fishing, swimming or exploring old dirt roads and new areas that I haven’t discovered yet. I often take my dog to play along hidden beaches and trails. We go on little adventures and find ourselves in exciting situations.

What is your favourite thing about life in PEI?

Beyond the people and culture, my favourite thing is how much there is to see and explore on our ever-changing Island. The changing foliage during the different seasons, the ocean that freezes around us in the winter then thaws in spring, the cliffs that shift and bend with the tide, and, of course, the tides that collide on either end of the Island. 

What is something people would not know if they are not from PEI?

The Island shapeshifts. As time goes on, the surrounding ocean forms and sculpts the cliffs and beaches. Since childhood, I’ve watched the slow change in rock formations that have either faded with the tide or are just starting to form now. It’s almost like slow-motion magic that teaches us to say goodbye and welcomes us all in one breath. 

What are you passionate about personally?

I am a trumpet soloist and orchestral musician so it’s no surprise that I am particularly passionate about music. Here, we have countless music festivals and different types of traditional music. One of my favourites is the Under the Spire Music Festival. The festival showcases many types of artists and styles of music in the beautiful and historic St. Mary’s Church which brings out the resonance of each musical performance. 

Name the one spot on the Island where you would take someone who has never been here before.

It is almost impossible to choose just one spot that is above the rest. Each end of the Island has something different and new to offer. If I absolutely had to choose, I would plan a day trip starting at Greenwich National Park with a hike across the floating boardwalk and up through the steep dunes. As you breach the top, you are greeted with a beautiful view of a long empty beach. Huge waves crash in against the sand and gusts of wind hit you all at once. It’s absolutely breathtaking! After spending some time on the beach, I would stop for fish and chips in St. Peter's or plan for a late dinner in Montague with visits to the breweries there. The day would end with the sun setting at Point Prim Lighthouse. This location is one of the top three places to watch a sunset on PEI and the perfect place to end a day touring Points East Coastal Drive in the eastern side of the Island. 

A second day would be a must with a trip to explore North Cape Coastal Drive with its red cliffs, Acadian food and music.

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