Hello, my family and I are from the United States of America, and we are thinking about taking our Summer Vacation to both Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia; how many days do you recommend for us to spend on both Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia? We want to see as much as we can, but also have some time to relax on the beach as well.

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Michi Fujimoto
Cincinnati, Ohio United States of America, N/A
Patty Murphy
Patty Murphy

General Island

Hi Michi!

I'm so happy that you are thinking of spending your summer vacation with us!  We generally suggest a minimum of three to four days to see PEI with five to seven days being the ideal amount of time.   We may be a fairly small island, but there is so much to see and do and we have some of the best beaches in North America including Basin Head, which has been named best beach in Canada.  

We have three coastal drives that circle the Island. The North Cape Coastal DriveThe Central Coastal Drive and The Points East Coastal Drive. These drives take you through some beautiful countryside, small fishing villages and quaint towns. Stop into one of our Visitor Information Centres and pick up a map with these drives on it when you arrive on the Island.  If time is limited, you could consider following one drive each day and taking one day to just relax at a beach for a four day visit.    

I suggest you contact Nova Scotia Tourism to speak with their experts for some recommendations on visiting their province.