Hi! We are coming to the Island next week and we are hoping to find a place to go for cheap oysters ($1-2) and a terrific lobster roll. We will be staying around New London but are happy to drive a bit out of the way. Any recommendations for places to check out?

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Stevie Farkas
Kingston, ON

Hi folks,

Since you are staying close to New London you will find Carr’s Oyster Bar and Gallant’s Seafood both have super local oysters from the waters out in front of their shops! Most oysters are definitely in that price range and definitely the freshest you will ever find! Raspberry Points, Lucky Limes, Colville Bays, Tuxedos, Savage Blonds.... lots of different oysters - all Malpeque Oysters but very interesting the flavour profile changes with the different farming methods and body of water they are raised in! It’s a real adventure of flavours - Colville Bay Oysters from Souris are my favourite! You will find oysters on the menu at most restaurants!
As far as a terrific lobster roll- Richard’s in Covehead ( along with great fish and chips)
Clamdiggers in Cardigan in the eastern end of the province or The Lobster Barn in Victoria by the Sea - a destination in itself!
I hope you enjoy eating your way around Prince Edward Island!