How are the lighthouses important to the tourism industry in Prince Edward Island?

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Khadar Hilowle

Hi Khadar!

Lighthouses are something of a staple for those of us that live on the coast. They keep our fishermen, ferrymen, safe from shallow waters and rockey coast; they help us navigate, and are a big part of our culture. So, naturally you'll find them feature in works of art, stories, plays, and any other form of media that's produced by, or from us. Because of that, people who are unfamiliar with them, or are from more inland, places get introduced to these beautiful landmarks and want to come visit them! 

You can see a map of all the lighthouses we have here on PEI on our website! A couple of my favourites are the Point Prim and Souris lighthouses!

Have a lovely day, and let us know if you have any other questions!