We are coming to pie at the end of June and would love to join one of those lobster suppers held in a church or community hall. Are there any we should look out for that you know of? [email protected]

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Marie Crosta
Toronto, ON
Patty Murphy
Patty Murphy

General Island

Hi Marie!

Lobster suppers can be found across the Island. Community centres and churches will hold occasional lobster suppers as fundraisers but they are not always on a set schedule. The best suggestion is to check when you get here to see if there are any taking place.  

To make it easier for more people, including locals, to get a traditional lobster supper there are restaurant lobster suppers that are open daily during the summer. Some examples of this style of restaurant are the New Glasgow Lobster SupperFisherman's Wharf Lobster SuppersLobster on the WharfCentre-Expo and the Cardigan Lobster Suppers. Many regular restaurants also have lobster suppers on their menus as well.