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Tourism PEI


Dates of Operation: May 1 - October 30, 2024

Location 2 Howard St Victoria Red Sands Shore

Contact [email protected] 9023888898 (T)

Victoria-by-the-Sea Victoria-by-the-Sea Victoria-by-the-Sea

About this Property

Situated on Prince Edward Island’s South Shore, villagers have been welcoming visitors to this delightful village since the Harland Ferry docked here regularly in the early 1900’s. Over a century later, Victoria-by-the-Sea still beckons with seaside charm and first class shops and events, dining and accommodation. Not only did the Trans-Canada Highway bypass Victoria, so did the shopping centres and tourist amusement parks. That – along with its independent-minded citizens – is what makes Victoria the enchanting, picture postcard place it is today.

Location & Directions