Nordic Rates

A complete line of rental equipment is available (rental shop located at the Alpine site civic# 2018 Route 13, Brookvale) including boots, classic skis and snowshoes.


Nordic Ticket Prices Full Day
Adult trail ticket $9.90
Student trail  ticket $7.70
Senior trail ticket $7.70
Adult 5 Book trail tickets $38.50
Student 5 Book trail tickets $27.50
Senior 5 Book trail tickets $27.50
Snowshoe trail ticket $5.50


Nordic Rental Prices Full Day
Adult package $12.10
Student package $7.70
Senior package $7.70
Adult Snowshoes $12.10
Student Snowshoes $7.70
Senior Snowshoes $7.70
Tubes $5.50


Adult early bird Season Pass $71.50
Student* early bird Season Pass $55.00
Senior** early bird Season Pass $55.00
Adult Season Pass $121.00
Student Season Pass $93.50
Senior Season Pass $93.50
Family**** Season Pass (max 4 passes) $203.50
Corporate Season Pass (4 passes) $825.00

* Student is anyone with a school ID

** Senior is anyone age 60 and over

*** Child is anyone age 5 and under

**** Family is defined as parents and their children (under 18 or a full-time student with valid ID) within a household.

All prices plus applicable taxes