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Central Prince Edward Island

Uplands cloaked in hardwood are separated by deep hollows are hiding occasional old-growth trees and entire villages. Maples, beech and birch dominate smaller species and the colour of the landscape changes weekly with a succession of wild blossoms. Wild Rose, Dogbane and other plants add fragrance to the season.

The trail crosses the hills on the level, alternating between cuttings and high built-up terraces crossing the valleys before the terrain levels out near the capital city. Charlottetown is on a short spur trail passing through the University of PEI and the Agriculture Research Centre. Its terminus is at the Joe Ghiz Memorial Park at Grafton Street in Charlottetown. There is a pathway which leads to the Charlottetown waterfront from this location.

East of the city, mixed woodland interspersed with farmland stretches up to Scotchfort where the trail parallels the Hillsborough River. It traverses riverside salt marshes where our ancestors once harvested marsh hay.