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Lord Selkirk Campground: 2nd Route Directions

Loop #2: Lord Selkirk Park - Orwell Corner - 32 km

This loop ride also starts at Lord Selkirk Campground.

0.0 Turn left onto Route 1 West as you leave Lord Selkirk Provincial Park.
1.5 Continue straight on Route 1 towards Charlottetown.

This is where you turned right on the previous loop. Cooper's Store is on the left.

3.8 Stay on Route 1 where Route 211 angles off to the right.
4.7 Turn left on Irving Road, following the sign to Orwell Cove.

Most of this short road is unpaved. In a few hundred meters you will be going down a steep hill. From the bottom of the hill there is a moderately steep, short climb.

5.9 Turn right at a T intersection.

There is a dirt road to the left, paving to the right. This is a lovely stretch of road, with rolling fields, neat farms and homes, all overlooking Orwell Bay to the left.

8.1 Turn left at a stop sign onto Brush Wharf Road.

This is an out-and-back section, about 2 easy kilometers each way and well worth riding for the splendid views.

8.6 Notice an unsigned road on the right. You will turn here on the way back. The old Orwell Cove School is on the left.

It is now attractively restored as a private home but still has its antique sign.

10.5 Backtrack from the end of the road to the next turn.
12.4 Turn left and climb a moderate hill.

The old Orwell Cove School is on the right at this turn.

13.7 Turn left onto Route 1.
14.7 Bear left and stay left on Route 1, passing Route 210 on the right to Uigg, Kinross, and Montague.
15.5 Turn right following a sign to Orwell Corner Historic Village. Begin climbing a hill.
15.8 The entrance to Orwell Corner Historic Village is on the right, before the top of the hill.
16.0 Bear right, passing an unsigned road on the left.

Soon pass the back entrance to Orwell Corner and then a sign for Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead. The road narrows.

16.8 The entrance to Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead, a National Historic Site, is on the left.
17.8 Turn right at a T intersection onto Route 24.

At kilometer 18.1, enter Kinross and continue straight past the Dundee Road, which is Route 325, on the left. You will be making the next right turn.

18.6 Turn right onto Route 210.
20.7 Turn left onto Route 23, the Selkirk Road.

Climb a moderate hill after turning left. Route 23 is a good road over rolling terrain, and traffic is usually light. There is a particularly fine panoramic view of farms as you start a gradual downhill around kilometer 23.

If you reach a T intersection at Route 1, you have missed the turn at kilometer 20.7 by less than 200 meters.

23.5 Turn right onto Route 211.
27.9 Bear left at a stop sign onto Route 1. Route 211 ends here.

At kilometer 30.1, pass Cooper's Red and White on the right.

31.6 End of this loop. The entrance to Lord Selkirk Provincial Park is on the right.