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Films of L.M. Montgomery's Work

Anne Of Green Gables (1919)

Anne Of Green Gables (1934)

  • 79 min., B&W
  • Information from the Internet Movie Database
  • Distributed by RKO Pictures
  • The actress Anne Shirley was previously known as Dawn O'Day but her real name was Dawn Paris.
  • P.O Heggie who played Matthew died soon after the film was finished, hence why Matthew lived at the end of this film but was dead by the time the film sequel was made.
  • This film is available on video

Anne of Windy Poplars (1940)

  • 86 min., B&W
  • Information from the Internet Movie Database
  • Distributed by RKO Pictures
  • Lucy Maud Montgomery was paid $150 for the title "The Man Who Wouldn't Talk" which is incorporated in the Anne of Windy Poplars by RKO for the title of a film based on this story.
  • Distributed in the United Kingdom as Anne Of Windy Willows

Anne de Green Gables (1957)

  • 59 minutes, B&W
  • Directed by Jacques Gautier
  • Adapted and translated by Jean Hamelin
  • Broadcast on "Theatre Populaire", CBFT, Sept. 8, 1957

Anne Of Green Gables (1972)

  • 4 hours 40 min.
  • BBC Television Serialization in 5 parts. First broadcast Feb. 20, 1972
  • Directed by Joan Craft
  • Produced by John McRae
  • Dramatized by Julia Jones
  • Partial cast list:
    Kim Braden.......... Anne Shirley Barbara Hamilton.... Marilla Cuthbert Elliott Sullivan.... Matthew Cuthbert

Anne Of Avonlea (1975)

  • 5 hours 50 min.
  • BBC Television Serialization in 6 parts. First broadcast Jan. 26, 1975
  • Directed by Joan Craft
  • Produced by John McRae
  • Dramatized by Elaine Morgan
  • Partial cast list:
    Christopher Blake... Gilbert Blythe Kim Braden.......... Anne Shirley Jan Francis......... Diana Barry Barbara Hamilton.... Marilla Cuthbert

I Know A Secret (1982)

  • 25 min. Colour
  • Directed by Bruce Pittman
  • Screenplay by Amy Jo Cooper
  • Distributed by Atlantis Films, Toronto
  • Adaption of a short story, published in "Good Housekeeping" August 1935, pp.22-25

Anne Of Green Gables (1985)

Anne Of Gables, The Sequel (1987)

Jane of Lantern Hill (1990)

Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (2000)

Television of L.M. Montgomery's Work

Emily of New Moon

Road To Avonlea

  • produced by Sullivan Entertainment
  • Filmed in Uxbridge, Ontario with location shots on Prince Edward Island
  • Available on video
  • titled "Avonlea" in the U.S.
  • Original run of show in Canada: 1990-1996
  • Original run of show in the U.S.: 1990-1996
  • Merchandise is available
  • Starting with the fourth season the episodes are listed in Disney's original broadcast order.
  • Running times (in minutes) are rounded to the nearest minute and include next week's preview when there was one.
  • Cast List:
    Sara Polley....... Sara Stanley Jackie Burroughs.. Aunt Hetty King Cedric Smith...... Uncle Alec King Lally Cadeau...... Aunt Janet King Gema Zamprogna.... Felicity King Harmony Cramp..... Cecily King Zachary Bennett... Felix Mag Ruffman....... Aunt Olivia Dale R.H. Thompson..... Uncle Jasper Dale Patricia Hamilton. Rachel Lynde
  • Produced by Sullivan Films, Toronto for CBC TV, Canada and Disney Channel, U.S.
  • First season episodes:
    1. The Journey Begins (58)
    2. The Story Girl Earns Her Name (46)
    3. Proof of the Pudding (49)
    4. The Quarantine At Alexander Abraham's (47)
    5. Aunt Abigail's Beau (49)
    6. Malcolm and the Baby (48)
    7. Conversions (46)
    8. The Witch of Avonlea (54)
    9. The Materializing of Duncan (47)
    10. The Hope Chest of Arabella King (47)
    11. Felicity's Challenge (46)
    12. Song of the Night (50)
    13. Nothing Endures But Change (48)
  • Second season episodes:
    1. How Kissing Was Discovered (47)
    2. Family Rivalry (48)
    3. Aunt Hetty's Ordeal (50)
    4. Of Corsets and Secrets and True True Love (50)
    5. Sara's Homecoming (47)
    6. Old Quarrels, Old Love (46)
    7. May the Best Man Win (48)
    8. Sea Ghost (47)
    9. All That Glitters (48)
    10. Dreamer of Dreams (48)
    11. It's Just A Stage (47)
    12. A Mother's Love (48)
    13. Misfits and Miracles (49)
  • Third season episodes:
    1. Sister of the Bride (50)
    2. But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid [part 1] (47)
    3. But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid [part 2] (47)
    4. Felix and Blackie (47)
    5. Facts and Fictions (50)
    6. Aunt Janet's Rebellion (46)
    7. A Dark and Stormy Night (49)
    8. True Confessions (47)
    9. Friends and Relations (47)
    10. After the Honeymoon (47)
    11. High Society (47)
    12. The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King (47)
    13. Old Friends, Old Wounds
  • Fourth season episodes:
    1. Tug of War (48)
    2. The Lady and the Blade (49)
    3. Incident At Vernon River (53)
    4. Sara and the Marshal (47)
    5. Boys Will Be Boys (47)
    6. Evelyn (47)
    7. Felicity's Grand Design (47)
    8. Heirs and Graces (47)
    9. Hearts and Flowers (47)
    10. Felicity's Perfect Beau (47)
    11. The Disappearance (47)
    12. Jasper's Home Movie (51)
    13. Hearth and Home (47)
  • Fifth season episodes:
    1. Memento Mori (47)
    2. Modern Times (47)
    3. Fathers and Sons (47)
    4. A Friend in Need (47)
    5. Stranger in the Night (47)
    6. Enter Prince Charming [part 1] (50)
    7. The Minister's Wife [part 2] (49)
    8. The Great Race
    9. Someone to Believe In
    10. Strictly Melodrama
    11. Thursday's Child
    12. Best Laid Plans
    13. Otherwise Engaged
Stage Productions of L.M. Montgomery's Work

Rainbow Valley (1999)

  • From the novel by L.M. Montgomery
  • Script and lyrics by Hank Stinson
  • Music by Dean Burry
  • Produced by The Castle Co.
  • Visit the The Castle Co. website


  • From the novel by L.M. Montgomery
  • Adapted by Paul Ledoux
  • Produced by Young Peoples Theatre, Toronto
  • Directed by Patricia Vanstone
  • Visit the Young Peoples Theatre website

Emily of New Moon (1998)

The Blue Castle (1997)

The Wooden Hill (1994)

  • Written by Don Hannah
  • Based on the Journals of L.M. Montgomery
  • Script available from Christopher Banks & Associates
  • Description by Kathleen Donohue (


    "The Wooden Hill" starts out with Lucy Maud Montgomery as an old woman in her home on Riverside Drive in Toronto, with her husband Ewan, who has mental problems. Her son Stuart enters and after finding out that he has enlisted to join in WWII (he's a doctor), Lucy Maud is so upset that she begins to look back on her life, with the help of her old imaginary friend, Katie Maurice (who she saw in the glass in the parlour, just like Emily and her imaginary friend!!). Lucy Maud travels back in time and we see her going through difficult times with her sour old grandparents, who brought her up, and then visiting her father out west, who went there after his wife died.

Anne Of Green Gables, The Musical (1965)

  • Music by Norman Campbell
  • Lyrics by Donald Harron, Elaine Campbell, Mavor Moore, Norman Campbell
  • Produced each summer as part of The Charlottetown Festival
  • ISBN 0-5730-8039-9
  • Canadian National Tour, 1967
  • Expo '70, Osaka, Japan, 1970
  • Broadway, 1971

Anne Of Green Gables (1937)

  • By Wilbur Braun (pseud. Alice Chadwicke)
  • Published by Samuel French (New York and Toronto)
  • Drama in 3 acts

Anne Of Avonlea (1940)

  • By James Reach (pseud. Jeanette Carlisle),
  • Published by Samuel French (New York and Toronto)
  • Comedy in 3 acts
Audio Books of L.M. Montgomery's Work

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Avonlea
Anne of the Island

  • Condensed versions read by Megan Follows
  • Published by Bantam Books-Audio
  • Publication date: August 1, 1987
  • ISBN: 0553450913

Jane of Lantern Hill

  • Condensed version read by Marion Bennett