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Tourism PEI - Corporate
Group on PEI beach carrying canoes at sunset

Our Tourism Strategy

Charting the Course of Tourism in PEI

Prince Edward Island's tourism strategy is dual-focused.

Optimize Tourism's Recovery

Stimulate demand to support the most rapid recovery from COVID-19. 

Support higher tourism revenues in all seasons

Fundamentally shift tourism to drive higher revenue year-round.

Strategy Implementation Committee

In 2022, an Implementation Committee made up of industry and government representatives was established to oversee and guide Prince Edward Island's tourism strategy. This Committee aims to facilitate strategic alignment, collaboration and communication.


  • Kent MacDonald, CEO, Tourism PEI
  • Corryn Clemence, CEO, Tourism Industry Association of PEI


  • David Groom, Tourism PEI Board & President, Quality Inn & Suites and Brothers 2 Restaurant
  • Matthew Jelley, Tourism PEI Board & President, CEO and Co-founder, Maritime Fun Group
  • John Cudmore, President, Dyne Holdings Limited