I was thinking of visiting PEI on October 16th, 17th, and 18th. What are some places I can visit around this time of the year?
My family and I are coming to PEI the summer of 2019 and would like to stay in a cottage near Cavendish. Are there any websites that would be helpful to search for available cottages?
Hi - my great grandfather and grandmother were from PEI. My husband and I would like to come visit for the first time. We'd like to try to find some family history, listen to good music and take in the beautiful sites. What is the weather like in September/October?
I'll be visiting the Island next summer, and I was wondering where the best places that local young people go for a night out and dancing?
Where is the best place to get a lobster supper, that won't break the bank?
best golf courses for value. good price and good courses
Where is Chef Michael Smith’s restaurant located?
We are planning a trip to PEI September 16th. Where can we obtain info about ceilidhs in the area?
Hi! We are coming to the Island next week and we are hoping to find a place to go for cheap oysters ($1-2) and a terrific lobster roll. We will be staying around New London but are happy to drive a bit out of the way. Any recommendations for places to check out?
What is the best way to experience ocean fishing in Charlottetown