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North Cape Coastal Drive

North Cape Coastal Drive
Distance: 350 km     View Detailed Map
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North Cape Coastal Drive Itinerary

The city of Summerside, just 20 minutes from the Confederation Bridge, serves as a gateway to the North Cape Coastal Drive and is a perfect introduction to a region where pie is made from seaweed, houses are made from bottles and Acadian and native Mi’kmaq cultures thrive. A college dedicated to the Highland arts, a restored lighthouse now operating as an inn, and a museum celebrating our world-famous potato are among the many possible stops along the way. The 350-kilometre North Cape Coastal Drive is named for its midpoint, North Cape, where 16 giant windmills stand on the Island’s westernmost tip.

To find out more and to download the North Cape Coastal Drive Touring Guide, visit the official website or view North Cape Coastal Drive: Explore Western Prince Edward Island online.

North Cape Coastal Drive

Insider Tips for the North Cape Coastal Drive:

  • Go deep sea fishing while in Northport and the Tignish area.
  • At Island Traditions Store in Richmond you can buy ash splint basket weaving.
  • Explore the West Point lighthouse and stroll the beach to Cedar Dunes.
  • Buy moccasins from the gift shop on Lennox Island.
  • Visit the very unique Bottle Houses in Cap-Egmont.

North Cape Coastal Drive Distances:

  • Borden-Carleton to Summerside, 28 km (17 miles), 20 minutes
  • Summerside to Cap-Egmont, 28 km (17 miles), 20 minutes
  • Cap-Egmont to West Point, 63 km (38 miles), 45 minutes
  • West Point to North Cape, 76 km (45 miles), 50 minutes
  • North Cape to Lennox Island, 79 km (47 miles), 55 minutes
  • Lennox Island to Summerside, 46 km (28 miles), 37 minutes

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