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Central Coastal Drive


Distance: 253 km
Looping the province’s central region, the 253-kilometre Central Coastal Drive highlights two distinct shores. The southern Red Sands Shore portion of the Drive runs along Northumberland Strait, where sandstone cliffs and gentle beaches are the rich Island-red shade that contrasts perfectly with green pastures. Gateway Village at the foot of the Confederation Bridge, Victoria-by-the-Sea and Port-La-Joye–Fort Amherst National Historic Site are highlights in Red Sands Shore. Some of the Island’s most picturesque sea views are found in Green Gables Shore, along the northern portion of the Central Coastal Drive. Beyond the obvious wealth of sites related to Anne of Green Gables, the area is home to the popular beaches and trails of PEI National Park, amusement parks for the family and no fewer than 10 golf courses!

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Green Gables Shore
Green Gables Shore Region - While Anne may be the principal attraction for many, Green Gables Shore has more beauty and mystique up its sleeve. The region is a spectacular piece of the Island’s acclaimed scenic landscape, composed of red sandstone cliffs, white sand beaches and rolling farm fields. Some of the classic coastline has been protected in PEI National Park, which hugs the north shore in this area. Cavendish Grove is a lovely recent addition to the Park, featuring walking trails, picnic grounds and a stand of sugar maples. View Detailed Map

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Red Sands Shore
Red Sands Shore - There is a warmth that envelopes you here, and it’s embodied by the colour red: the red sand beaches that await your footprints and castles, the red jutting cliffs that will both impress and humble you and the red clay roads that disappear over hills and beckon you to follow. These are Mother Nature’s imprints on Red Sands Shore. View Detailed Map