Hi, What a nice opportunity this is. Myself and 13 others will be in Malpeque the last week of August. Would I be able to dig for clams on the beach there? If not, perhaps you can suggest a spot. My second question concerns .... jewellery :) I am hoping that I might find some jewellery pieces (preferably rings) made with sea glass in it. Any thoughts on that? This is much appreciated. Best, Holly

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Holly Anderson
Ottawa, Ontario

Hi Holly:
Yes you may dig for clams in the Malpeque area.  Just be sure you are at least 400 feet (~130 meters) away from the wharf, and that your minimum size is 2” (~51 mm).  Happy clamming!
As far as sea glass jewellery, you can find a list of people who sell sea glass items and rings here.  It's a popular activity.  
Hope this helps you.