My friend of many years and I are making a trip to PEI in June. We are both fans of L M Montgomery, and wonder if there is an historian there who could answer some of our questions about her life. We are not interested in plays about Anne, or people dressed up as Anne of Green Gables characters, just the true facts by someone who knows a great deal about the author. I will be interested to hear if any such person exists on the Island. Margaret Chambers
I’ve heard about your Burger Love month. Is there Lobster Roll Love?
What are the best thrift and vintage shops on the Island? I follow your famous resident, Carolyn Aiken on her blog, and she is always mentioning the wonderful treasures she finds locally! I'm planning to return to your paradise next year and want to get a start on my list of must visits! Thanks, Sandi
We want to see some whales. I know Newfoundland has "Whale Watch" etc. What about PEI and if so, what would you recommend as far as timing. Thanks..
What are activities for children ages 4 to 9 years old?
Good Morning! I am coming to PEI in September. Mi will start out in Charlottetown, then to Sumerside and then North Rustico. What do recommend as highlights in Charlottetown? I am going to Bloomfield to Mcaulands wool. What else should I see while in the area of Bloomfield. I am also looking for good seafood restaurants and I would like to have the BEST lobster roll in PEI. Lots of questions. Can you please help? Thank you and have a great day! Janet
can you live on the island year long? and where could you rent a house on the beach for like 5 months during the summer and where would be the best area?
We have been coming to PEI for the last few years for 2 weeks in September. We love it there when most of the tourists are gone and the Island is quiet and beautiful. One experience we (2 couples) have had on our annual "to do" list is seeing your island by water. We love to explore and find new harbors, inlets and beaches by car. It seems like the boats we try to book are no longer running for the season. We are just looking for a tour on a small boat, no frills, just a look from the water. Any suggestions on how to find a captain willing to give us a tour? Thank you.
Hi! We are going to PEI this summer and staying on the east coast near Souris. We’re not familiar with that part of the island so I’m wondering what are some good things to do and places to eat. Any lobster suppers over there?
Hi! So my fiancé and I are planning on going on a roadtrip to Nova Scotia and PEI for our honeymoon. Which activities, shows, restaurants, etc. do you recommand for a romantic getaway? :) Thank you!