Where is a good place to dig soft shell clams close to Summerside.
What's are winters like there with regards to amount and temperature?
Best seafood in Cavendish pei please
We are thinking about touring P E I in October. Where are the best places to sleep and places to visit? How many hours does it take to circle the island?
Hello, I'm going back to PEI next week and I'm into fishing. Having visited PEI in the past, I haven't had the best of luck. I was wondering whether it is better to fish the high tide or during the low tide in bays? Also, I am trying a new spot called Covehead Harbor. I was wondering if you know if fishing is good in that bay or in the river close to the Covehead Lighthouse. Thank you for your help in advance!
What rivers are good for kayaking within a 45 minute radius of Summerside and what specific access points do we use? Family is visiting from Ontario and is keen to kayak.
I am a retired school teacher from Illinois. My wife and my special needs son (45) have been to PEI several times and have enjoyed each visit. We will be camping at the PP at Brudnel Golf Course. My question is this: I would like to know where I can do surf fishing on the island. We have surf tackle that we use in the Florida Keys each winter but we don't have any idea of where to fish the surf. We have fished for harbor mackerel and did quite well in the fall, but we would like to fish for flounder or sea trout.
We are heading out to PEI again this year for a week on September 3rd. This year we decided to rent a beach house. We will be dining out a few times, visiting once again Fireworks and joining the dinner hosted by Chuck Hughes on the 8th. We will do lots of cooking at the house but would like to know where can we find a good selection of wines and champagnes or should I bring some from homes?We are staying close to Fortune Bay.
I am driving from Toronto to PEI in late August. I will be with my husband and two daughters (age 10 and 12). Is it worth me driving to PEI and scheduling some activities once I arrive or should I book from Toronto. Also what are the main must sees??