Are there free walking tours in Charlottetown?
I would like to take my grandson to a farm to see some cows, etc. Any recommendations? Do any farms give tours?
We are planning to see Anne of Green Gables in Charlottetown and would like a recommendation for a good seafood restaurant.
I'm looking for biking options for a family that are on paths. I was looking at Cavendish to North Rustico.
Where is the closest red sand beach to Charlottetown?
Where can I find a restaurant for take out lobster at affordable prices. We are a family of 5 on a budget but still want to enjoy good food.
Where are the best restaurants to try fresh scallops?
Hello again, I am really looking forward to my trip in September. Can you tell me what restaurants served the best oysters in Charlottetown? I am also looking for great local seafood near Summerside and Bloomfield. What would you suggest? Thanking you in advance, Janet
Any good farms for fresh vegetables and fruits produce near Darlington or Charlottetown? We would prefer to taste something locally grown rather than buy some grocery supplied?
We will be staying in Chelton. What are some restaurants and activities that are close by?