Best places for sun rise sunset pictures on the island
How are the fall colors progressing? I am hoping to visit in October 2017. Thanks.
Hi there I'm looking to visit with my two year old and my mum to celebrate her 70th next year. Any recommendations for kid friendly hotels / rentals and stuff to do? We are open to any time of year ATM. Thank you Melissa
Hello, I hope it is ok that I ask this. I visited PEI in the summer and fell so in love that I thought I could move there at least during the summer season. Friends may I ask if someone were to move to your island by themselves where could they move to get to be a part of community and to get to know people so that they could contribute to that community?
Hi, I want to attend the Celtic music festival next year. I understand it is all over the island. Can you tell me the "best" place for the festival. (Most music, best place to stay to experience the people, food and spirit of PEI). Recommend any places to stay? Looking for not expensive-able to walk around the town?? Thanks!
I have never been here. I'm on a journey from my brother's home in Connecticut (we live in California), to Acadia Park, Halifax, PEI and finally to see my mothers birthplace in VanBuren Maine. We have only 1 1/2 days on PEI. What would you recommend? I've been looking at the Barreshois Inn in Rustico, vs staying in Charlottetown?
Best restaurant for lobster in charlottetown
Hello! Our family will be visiting PEI from October 20 to 29 and wondered what restaurants in the Savage Harbour area (or nearby) would be open? Many thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
hello I'm visiting PEI in October, I wanted to see Anne of green gables, but found out that there is two sites. the Anne of green gables museum at silver bush and the Green Gables Heritage Place. Which on is "the right one", want I mean is, where can I see the house, the fields and the avenue of trees? please answer to [email protected]
Hello! We're going to be on PEI, via Holland America Cruises, docking in Charlottetown, Sept. 27. (1) Will we see fall foliage? You see, we're from Texas , and our 'fall foliage' comes roughly in November, and you're lucky to see 3-4 red oak trees, but most of our tree leaves just turn brown. We are going to see "Anne of Green Gables" home - love all LMMontgomery Anne series. (2) What other sight should we see in and around Charlottetown? I'm really excited to come to the island.