Charlottetown is an excellent example of a vibrant seaside capital city. It has historic charm, pride of place and many festive celebrations.

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There is a warmth that envelopes you here, and it’s embodied by the colour red: the red sand beaches that await your footprints and castles, the red jutting cliffs that will both impress and humble you and the red clay roads that disappear over hills and beckon you to follow. These are Mother Nature’s imprints on Red Sands Shore.

The following is excerpted from the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society's "Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island" brochure. Many thanks to the Society for sharing this with us.

The first mode of transportation for early settlers was the sea. Lighthouses were as important to them in their trade and commerce, particularly in shipbuilding, as the railway was after Confederation. Many colonial or "first-generation" lighthouses – those built before 1873 – are octagonal shaped, and were constructed when timber was abundant in this province.

It's no secret that Prince Edward Island has sandy beaches and the warmest waters north of the Carolinas. With 1,600 km of coastline the opportunities to take advantage of are many.


Running on the trail

Every travel destination has a list of things you must do. In Prince Edward Island, you’ve got to get outside! We have outdoor activities to offer every visitor, regardless of the season. Hike, bike, or run on the Confederation Trail. Take advantage of the waters that surround us with a wealth of water activities. Here’s a taste of the outdoor adventure that awaits!