In august, I am staying a few days at a friend's house on launching road cardigan. Where is the closest beach ? Other interesting fun places to go with kids.? I know Cavendish is 1hr and 15 mins from the location. Anything we can see or do that is closer? Thanks so much Krista
My wife and I plan to visit in June to research my ancestors, and see experience your beautiful island. My great grandfather, Joseph Pius Griffin was born in Lot 53 of St George's Parish (near Cardigan Bridge?). His father was James Griffin, but I have no information about him, and I was wondering where would be the best place to research. Thank you to my Canadian cousins!
My father is an Islander with a disability and he loves the ocean. I am bringing him to the Island, likely for the last time, and I'd love to get him down to the ocean. I am looking for options - do any of the beaches have a boardwalk? Are there any services to assist us in getting him down to the shore and maybe even into the water? I have been searching and searching but finding this very difficult. I saw something on TV where a person in a wheelchair was put in a stoller of sorts, with huge floating wheels and his friends just rolled him down the beach and right into the water.
Good morning! This program is a great idea. I will be visiting in mid August for the first time, staying just for a few days in Charlottetown. Is there a bus company you'd recommend for a day trip to Cavendish beach and to see the Anne of Green Gables tourism site? Also where would I go for a kitchen ceilidh in Charlottetown ? Thanks!
My family inc,using my two kids (8 and 14 yrs of age) are planning to visit PEI in July for one week.This would be our first visit. We will staying in Charlottetown. What would you recommend to visit places? Places to eat? Activities, light house and beach. Thank you Best regards, Tania
We're going to be spending 2 weeks in PEI in August, our first time in PEI, we'll be traveling with our moterhome. We're originally from Scotland so would love to visit the local Scottish culture and also love seafood. Want to take in as much of the local culture as possible and miss the tourist traps. Would appreciate anything you suggest. Thank you, Douglas and Gillian Smith
Hi, we are two 22 year-olds students visiting PEI for one day. We are driving in and will be in the province from 9am-7pm in mid May. We are looking for some recommendations on things to do in this time, we are not super price sensitive, however we are students that have a relatively tight budget. We realize that this is a short amount of time and want to make the most of our time to get a real PEI day.
My family and I would like to travel to PEI with my travel trailer last week of July and camp on the seashore. I would like to camp and do day trips for a week around the island. What is the nicest campground to stay at? I like sea view, not too windy, ( I understand that the south shore is warmer), more open than wooded. Thanks,
Hi. My wife and I will be staying in Gaspereaux July 7-14. I am an amateur photographer. Can you recommend a good place to get sunrise photos /sunset photos? When are the potato plants in bloom? A friend told me of the "green flash" that can sometimes be seen at sunrise on our island. Have you heard of that? Where would be a good place to get a photo of it? Thanks Much - we can't wait for our visit!
I am wondering if there are any specialty yarn shops or dyers on the island? Have a good day today.