We are thinking of visiting PEI the first week of June. Will shops be open or will many things be closed since it's not peak tourist season? Will it be too cold for a couple of warm weather Texans to walk the beaches?
Our family (2 adults & 1 girl (11 years old)) are planning on visiting PEI in July 2018. We are going to bring our tent trailer and plan on camping. In Ontario we have always camped at provincial parks. We are looking for recommendations for camp grounds in PEI. We are hoping to start in Charlottetown and make our way around PEI. Any suggestions on campgrounds and events would be helpful as we would like to book campgrounds now so we know where we will be staying.
hi I have booked a week July 14 at Lords seaside cottages for my family..2 cottages kids 2 ,11,15 plus 6 adults. Where do you recommend they go deep sea fishing? Not the 2 year old or me..Grandma. Where would the closest grocery store be when we arrive please. Any other fun info would be nice to hear about. I do wish to kayak the sunset tour in Victoria...Elaine told me about this town Thanks for any info you can supply. I think I ordered over the phone your visitor guide but I have not received it yet and has been awhile
My mother and I are planning a trip to visit Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia in either July or August. We have only a week to tour. My mother was considering doing a cruise, but I am reluctant to do that since we would only get short excursions into both areas. I would rather fly in somewhere rent a car and rent a cottage in both areas, using them as bases to explore for a few days each. Suggestions on where to fly into, how to plan the route? Any sites, festivals we shouldn't miss? Areas you would recommend that I should search for lodging in?
We are coming to pie at the end of June and would love to join one of those lobster suppers held in a church or community hall. Are there any we should look out for that you know of? [email protected]
My mother and I are planning a trip this year. We were thinking of arriving around May 21 but are worried that many of the Anne of Green Gables attractions will be closed still. Which will be open and which ones will be closed at that time.
Are there vacation homes available to rent? My husband and I visited PEI IN 2000. We enjoyed it so much AND... We are planning to drive to PEI with sea kayaks and bicycles in 2018.
Hello, I am visiting Canada in May 2018 and planning to spend 5-7 days on PEI. I loved the Anne of Green Gables books growing up so I’m really looking forward to the tripp. However, I am aware there is limited public transport on the island and I myself am partially sighted and travel with my guide dog so any advice or information on the best places to visit that are accessible via public transport or any particular activities of interest would be so helpful. I am assuming Charlotte Town would be the best place to base myself? Thank you
Hello :) I am planning to visit PEI in 2018 June 7-10. Is this a good time to visit- will all the main tourism spots be open, as well as places to eat?
What were the best accommodation while there for a three day stay. My wife and I are big Anne of green gables fans and were looking to see where it all happened and was actually written. I assume it is all pretty much in driving distance from anywhere on the Island. i was wondering what you would recommend for the two of us for the three days as far ar time of year and location. P.S. we are not golfers but do love a good hike