We are planning to drive from New Glasgow, PEI to New Brunswick. Do you recommend stopping by in Summerside or Victoria-by-the-Sea? We only have time for one place, unfortunately. Thank you for your help!
We really enjoy Craft Beer. Any suggestions for local breweries, or hidden gems for tours, tastings, etc. We would love to here from an insider (rather than just a Google Search). Cheers!
We are planning a trip in early September with my parents. I wondered if any of the bike rental places had a type of bike that would enable us to have my mother along who cannot bike, like a bike with a side car or something like that?
Could you name a couple of good restaurants on the North Cape drive
I noticed pictures of canoes on the Bonshaw River and kayaks on Mooney's Pond. Are there canoe rentals to paddle either of these fresh water locales? Sea kayaking seems to get plenty of advertising and is easy to find. We are vacationing on PEI 2 weeks in September. Charlie Whittle
Where are the best places to find sea glass ?
We are coming to PEI on May 14th and staying for 3 weeks. We will be in Charlottetown for 1 week during the Canadian Special Olympic Bowling tournament. We will have lots of free time to tour around during this time. What are places within driving distance we should see? What things should we do in Charlottetown? I know a lot of places do not open until June, what is available? Are we still able to get your amazing sea food? What is the weather like? We are from BC and it looks like about the same temperatures. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Phyllis
My friend of many years and I are making a trip to PEI in June. We are both fans of L M Montgomery, and wonder if there is an historian there who could answer some of our questions about her life. We are not interested in plays about Anne, or people dressed up as Anne of Green Gables characters, just the true facts by someone who knows a great deal about the author. I will be interested to hear if any such person exists on the Island. Margaret Chambers
I’ve heard about your Burger Love month. Is there Lobster Roll Love?
What are the best thrift and vintage shops on the Island? I follow your famous resident, Carolyn Aiken on her blog, and she is always mentioning the wonderful treasures she finds locally! I'm planning to return to your paradise next year and want to get a start on my list of must visits! Thanks, Sandi