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Family Fun


Have you ever wished for your own private playground? Prince Edward Island may be just the place to fulfill your childhood dreams. Sandy beaches, warm ocean water, lively fun parks and an overall casual atmosphere make up your Island playground.

Who among us does not have a happy memory of a family day at the beach, when the atmosphere was so relaxed that we didn't even notice the sand in the hot dogs? Or the days when the excitement of piling into the car in the grey light of dawn for a family road trip was well worth the boredom that developed miles later. Whose family photo album doesn't have at least one happy goofy "here we are on vacation" shot, where the composition may be off and the kodachrome is faded, but the mood is unmistakably relaxed? And of course, who wouldn't want to re-live those moments in the company of our own children? Prince Edward Island seems to provide just the right magical mix of nostalgia and fun, with an ease of access and minimum hassle. An Island family vacation is designed to be as wholesome and uncomplicated as an ice-cream cone on a summer afternoon.

Acadian Festival
Maybe its waking up in a tent pitched near the ocean, or a lobster boil on the deck of a cottage. Maybe it as simple as early morning beach walks or learn about all the meaningful places across the Island that inspired L.M. Montgomery to write such beautifully detailed accounts of life on Prince Edward Island on "The Inspiring World of L.M. Montgomery - A Literary Tour"!.

How about a day spent visiting incredibly fun theme parks, or a bicycle excursion on a trail with no hills or car traffic. The Island is all this and more. We promise your Island holiday will become part of those legendary "remember when" family moments.


While most kids will insist that the vacation include at least one theme park visit, check out everything else PEI has to offer!

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