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Farm, Forge, Fiddle

Begin the experience by working with the farmer to harness up the draft horses and get a driving lesson. Hitch the team to the carriage and take them for a ride around the village. Then visit the blacksmith shop to get step by step instructions on how to forge your own individual keepsake. Once done there, visit the hall and take part in a traditional Scottish house party with our site fiddler. After spinning your partner around the floor, enjoy a traditional meal prepared by Orwell’s cook!

Half-day experience (3 hours). Reservations required. 12 person maximum, $40 per person (+ HST).

***Available in: English, French, Arabic, Herbrew, Swedish, Danish and Berber.

Dates d'ouverture : 1er May 2019 - 1er November 2019

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Adresse postale:

[email protected]
(902) 651-8515 (T)
(902) 393-5277 (Off Season)


Lieu: Orwell Corner Historic Village, 7 Old Uigg Rd
Communauté: Orwell
GPS N46° 9.48 W062° 50.106
Circuit côtier des pointes de l’Est