Tourism Accommodation Accelerator Program

The Tourism Accommodation Accelerator Program will provide a complimentary $100 Canada’s Food Island gift card to visitors who stay at least two consecutive nights at participating accommodations. The program will run from June 15 to July 31, 2021. Promotions for the program will begin June 14th, in order to maximize booking opportunities please register for the program by June 13. Deadline for registration is July 1st, or while supplies last.

*Gift cards will be distributed based on consumer demand on a first come, first serve basis, based on the time of booking and while supply lasts.


The Tourism Accommodation Accelerator Program has the following operator eligibility criteria:

  • Must hold a valid accommodation license for 2021;
  • The licensed accommodation must be used for business activity and not, whole or in part, for primary residential purposes;
  • Must have more than one (1) accommodation unit;
  • Must be a fixed-roof accommodation;
  • Must be open by July 1st, 2021 and remain open until the end of the program, without exception;
  • Where the owner resides to assist with operations, the licensed accommodation must have a minimum of four (4) guest bedrooms with private bathrooms assigned to the exclusive use of a guest or party of guests and the operator provides hospitality.

Participation & Reporting Requirements

In order to participate in the Tourism Accommodation Accelerator Program you will be required to review and sign a participation agreement. The participation agreement will:

  • Provide an operator attestation that they have read the eligibility criteria and verify that they are eligible to participate;
  • Capture necessary information to administer the program (e.g., contact information, address, number of units, etc.); and
  • Bind participating operators to the reporting provisions of the program.

Failure to strict adherence to the requirements set out in the participation agreement may disqualify the operator from further participation in the program.

Participants will be required to submit daily booking reports to Tourism PEI through an online form. This online form must be filled out at the time of each eligible booking and will be used to assign gift cards to customers. The $100 gift cards will be given to the operator with the funds locked. It is only after the operator submits the online daily reporting form with the valid booking information that the funds on the card unlocked. The forms are also critical to the management of gift card supply and to ensure the traceability of gift card distribution. The activity reports will include booking details, gift card reference number(s), and customer details. Note, no data collected from individual operator activity reports will be shared beyond Tourism PEI. Data will be compiled, and only necessary aggregate data will be shared with a third-party supplier to assist with the management of gift card supply.

Program Administration and Gift Card Distribution

Tourism PEI will manage all program administration including the operator registration and reporting requirements outlined above. In addition, a third-party group will manage the supply and circulation of the gift cards.

The number of available $100 Canada’s Food Island gift cards for this program is capped. Initially, there will be an equitable distribution of gift cards to participating accommodation operators. The number of units each operator makes available in the program will be used to determine this distribution. Following this, gift card distribution will be based on customer demand reflected in the reports submitted by participating operators (i.e., booking information). Gift cards are earmarked for customers on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on the time of booking and while supply lasts. The booking must be for a stay that will occur during the program period. (June 15th - July 31st). Note: Any operator with remaining gift cards which are not associated with valid bookings during program period will be voided as of August 1st, 2021.

To ensure that all gift cards get into the hands of consumers, we may need to redistribute gift card inventory that has not turned over. If necessary, this redistribution will be done on July 16th, 2021. If all participating operators turn over their initial allotment there will be no reclaiming of gift cards.

To submit a Tourism Accommodation Accelerator Program participation application, go to If you have any questions on the eligibility of your business to participate in the Tourism Accommodation Accelerator Program, please contact the program administrator at 902-367-0509 or 902-628-4459, or email [email protected].

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