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PEI Cottages - Rent a Cottage on Prince Edward Island

Renting a cottage in PEI is possible for travellers on a budget as well as travellers looking for luxury.

Dreaming of a week or two in a cottage by the sea? Head to the Gentle Island. If there’s a more perfect place on Earth for just such a vacation, it hasn’t been discovered yet. Before you know it, you’ll be strolling barefoot on a warm beach, watching seagulls glide over rolling waves, and trying to remember what you used to think relaxation meant.


PEI is family-friendly. Rent bikes (or bring your own) and hit the Confederation Trail, which runs the length of the Island. See Anne of Green Gables, the world-famous musical. Most visitors drive to PEI via the Confederation Bridge or the ferry from Nova Scotia. But fly-drive options are also popular, with lots of car rentals available.

The Island has miles of coastline, so you’re never far from the sea and beautiful beaches. There’s plenty of family-style attractions in Cavendish and the north shore. But if it’s a slower pace you seek, consider a spot closer to the south, east or west coasts. Don’t forget your camera!

The cottages available for rent run the full spectrum, from luxurious to rustic. Most have fully-equipped kitchens, and the Island is dotted with modern supermarkets and smaller grocery stores and roadside vegetable stands, so home-cooking and barbecues are easy and relaxing.

An average-priced beachside cottage will run about $1,000 for the week. (That’s in Canadian currency, so use the convert tool at the website if you are wondering the cost in your dollars.)  Kayaking for the whole family might cost $200. A seal-watching excursion, $60. Dinner for four at a fine restaurant will be in the $100-150 range, but there are dozens of family-style (and family-priced) restaurants, as well. Authentic PEI Experiences offer themed activities designed to introduce you to the real Island way of life.

For the widest selection of cottage choices, use our accommodation search tool, select Cottage. Enter arrival date, number of guests, and length of stay, and then click on Search. Cottages and local attractions are described in detail and accommodations are rated according to price and amenities. You can even call our toll-free number (1-800-463-4PEI), and travel counsellors will be glad to help with your reservations.