Scenic Drives

Follow the coast. Because of Prince Edward Island's irregular shape and countless bays and inlets, a trip along our coast delivers new vistas at every turn. Charming communities, each with its own unique flavour, are tucked away, their secret treasures quietly awaiting discovery. Touring our three coastal drives is the perfect way to explore the Island's diverse landscape and history. North Cape Coastal Drive is brimming with Mi'kmaq culture, Acadian music and theatre, and museums devoted to potatoes, silver foxes, and shipbuilding. You'll find the Wind Energy Interpretive Centre, The College of Piping, and houses made of glass bottles. The Central Coastal Drive includes fun-filled Cavendish, and much more. Enjoy spectacular views along Route 20, classic fishing ports and lobster suppers, shopping at Gateway Village, and a leisurely stroll around quaint Victoria-by-the-Sea. Points East Coastal Drive features the unforgettable dune system at Greenwich in PEI National Park and the bayside community of St. Peters, as well as stunning beaches, lively ceilidhs, and the meeting of the tides at East Point. Watch for eagles and seals, and try not to miss scenic Montague, rustic Orwell Corner, and the historic Railway Museum in Elmira.pei scenic coastal drives

Just follow the signs! Our three coastal drives are clearly marked along the way with colourful signage, like the sign pictured here designating the North Cape Coastal Drive. There's never a reason to make a wrong turn; then again, there are no wrong turns, because you never know what you might find!