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Snowmobiling in Prince
Edward Island [Slideshow]

Snowmobiling on Prince Edward Island - When the conditions are right: It's a great moment of life!

Islanders are very proud to point out that some of the best snowmobiling on the planet is right outside their own back doors. Our tip-to-tip trails are immaculate, our scenery awe inspiring, and our trail system, traversing vast expanses of farmlands, will test your riding skill and endurance. Then, come day’s end, relax and enjoy our great Island hospitality. We’ll make you wish you never had to leave.

This family friendly activity is great exercise that brings people outdoors to interact with nature and each other. Enjoy the laughter of family and friends as you gather at a club house to warm up, share a hot drink and sometimes even a meal. Over 17 club houses can be found across the Island, all operated by dedicated snowmobilers and open at various times to welcome you. Be sure to hop off your sled and step inside for yet another delectable taste of Island hospitality.

With today's Island-wide connecting trail systems, service stations, restaurants and accommodations are always within easy reach of cold weather adventurers. There are several accommodations open year round so whether it’s a hide-away cabin in the woods or someplace less remote, Prince Edward Island has what you are looking for.

Trail Facts
  • Roughly 650 km of trails are groomed on a regular basis.
  • The Confederation Trail runs from Tignish to Souris and is always kept in perfect condition.
  • Groomed trails branch off the main line; such as the Emerald to Borden-Carleton, Royalty Junction to Charlottetown, Harmony Junction to downtown Souris and Mount Stewart to the Montague-Pooles Corner area.
  • Trail signage is very good and trail maps are available.
  • All bridges have decking and guard rails and there is lighting at busy road crossings.
  • The PEI Snowmobile Association has just over 1,500 members.
  • Trail wardens regularly patrol the trails and are always pleased to assist you and provide emergency services if needed.
  • There is Island wide cell phone service through Aliant/Bell, Rogers Wireless or Telus.
  • A number of Island fire departments are equipped with Rescue Sleds in the event of an emergency.
  • Trail Permits are required to ride use the trails. Seasonal and Visitor (valid for 3 days) trail permits are available. Check the PEI Snowmobile Association website for current trail permit prices, trail information, snow conditions and more.
Distinctly Canadian!

Did you know that snowmobiles are a Canadian invention? The first one was invented in 1922 by a 15 year old in Quebec named Joseph-Armand Bombardier. By 1937 he was granted his first patent and soon opened the business ‘L’Auto-neige Bombardier”.