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Terrain Park

Alpine Ski Hill

The Alpine hill features a 250-foot vertical drop and 9 alpine trails serviced by two lifts - a quad chair, and our newest addition, a Magic Carpet Lift. The longest run is approximately 2,400 feet and the lift capacity is approximately 4,800 per hour.

Hill Ratings

  • Easy is a green circle symbol
  • Moderate is a blue square
  • Difficult is a black diamond


The Hills in order from east to west:

Hill Name Hill Length (feet) % of Slope Rating
Bunny 500' 12 % Easy
Double Trouble 1900' 10 - 18 % Easy
Express (Terrain Park) 1500' 12 - 40 % Difficult
Front Lawn 1300' 12 - 40 % Difficult
Flying Circus 1400' 12 - 32 % Difficult
Glade 800' 12 - 32 % Difficult
Chute 1550' 12 - 32 % Difficult
West 2000' 6 - 24 % Moderate
Cruise Control 2400' 6 - 24 % Easy

* The vertical drop at Brookvale is 250'


Rules of the Area

Alpine Responsibility Code

* Rules made by ASSQ and in force in present area.

These rules apply to all Alpine skiers and anyone practicing a sport intended to be practiced on an Alpine ski slope.


  1. You must at all times be in control of your speed and direction;
  2. You must at all times be able to stop and to avoid other skiers as well as all obstacles of any nature;
  3. You must ski on trails corresponding to your degree of ability. You must at all times ski within your limits and capabilities;



  • To ski under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or any substances impairing your faculties;
* If found to be under the influence, you must immediately remit your ticket to any representative of the area operator upon simple request.



To Whoever does not respect the safety rules and regulations of this ski center.

  • 1st infraction: Warning Issued
  • 2st infraction: Skiing/riding privileges suspended for 24 hours
  • 3nd infraction: Skiing/riding suspended for 7 days
  • 4rd infraction: Skiing/riding suspended for the rest of season
Enjoy Skiing & Please Be Careful!


Brookvale Alpine Winter Activity Park