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We love that our Island is so well-known around the world, and we’re thrilled that so many people from all over are curious about Island life. Here are some of the great questions we’ve already been asked, and our Islanders’ answers. Still have a question? Ask an Islander.

Jeremy MacFadyen


Where is the best (low key)driving range? We are mostly not experienced golfers, but just looking to bang out a bucket. - Melisa
Melisa Baldwick
Inniafil, Ontario

Sandi Lowther

General Island

I am looking to find a cottage beach rental where my kids 5 & 9 yr olds can walk out to the beach and dig for fresh clams. Which beach would you recommend for this?
Cindy Agnes
Stouffville, Ontario

Emily Donahue

General Island

How are the lighthouses important to the tourism industry in Prince Edward Island?
Khadar Hilowle

Kelly Richard

General Island

What is the difference between Lovers Lane and Balsam Hollow trail and how long does it take to walk these; and is the Haunted Woods trail open?
Carl Doucette
Charlottetown, PEI